Parcel 2.14 is a 26-story tower which incorporates multiple uses, from office to residential, retail, and religious components. Its East and West façades inflect to acknowledge the lower residential building and the Mosque below, which faces onto a public plaza. Two public pedestrian thoroughfares connect the street to the wadi on the East and West sides of the tower.

One provides access to the residential building, while the other serves as the entry point to the Mosque.

 We are involved in the architecturally exposed structural steel design of various parts which include canopies, façades and the “kink tube” all around the building.


Year: 2010-2013

Location: Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Job: Facade AESS Design

Contractor: Permasteelisa – Gartner Middle East LLC

Architectural Design: FXFowle