The Mosque is situated at the East end of Parcel 2.14 overlooking a reflecting pool and the public plaza.

The design is based on a verse from the Quran which describes God placing his throne on a vast body of water before creating the world. The structure is comprised of a white rectangular volume clad in white marble and, in contrast, the pool is lined with polished black marble. Each of the Mosque’s façades are covered by patterned metal screens of laser-cut aluminum. The screen is supported by a steel diagrid, a diamond-shaped structural frame that is attached to the solid stone marble border.

We are involved in the design of the architecturally exposed structural steel diagrid which support the aluminum screens.


Year: 2011-2014

Location: Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Job: Facade AESS Design

Contractor: Permasteelisa – Gartner Middle East LLC

Architectural Design: FXFowle